Mogwai - Rave Tapes released today

20 January 14

Mogwai’s 8th studio album is released today. It’s called Rave Tapes and is released via Rock Action Records label for the UK & EU, Sub Pop in North America, Hostess in Japan and Spunk Records in Australia.

Rave Tapes was recorded in our Castle of Doom studio in Glasgow this year and was produced by Paul Savage with whom we’ve worked on the Mogwai Young Team and Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will records.

The album is available on CD, LP, Digital and Ltd edition box set (featuring the LP itself, an exclusive 12”, a book of studio photography by iconic photographer Steve Gullick shot during the recording sessions, 3×12” x 12” art prints, a 7” and the album in both CD and Cassette formats).

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Heard About You Last night
2. Simon Ferocious
3. Remurdered
4. Hexon Bogon
5. Repelish
6. Master Card
7. Deesh
8. Blues Hour
9. No Medicine For Regret
10. The Lord Is Out Of Control

Mogwai - Rave Tapes box set retailers

13 January 14

You may have noticed that the box set version of Rave Tapes is no longer available via the Mogwai webstore. That allocation is now SOLD OUT I’m afraid. However we’re pleased to say that the band will have a limited number on sale at our upcoming shows, not many as due to their size and weight they’re a bit of a nightmare to transport around on tour but definitely some.

You can also pick the box up via your local record store so stop in and see them and ask if they can order it in for you. Alternatively following a quick Google search, here’s a completely non-exhaustive list of retailers who stock the box, which we’ve posted over at here


29 October 13

Mogwai have announced their 8th Studio album. Called Rave Tapes the record is scheduled for release on 20th January via our own Rock Action Records label for the UK & EU, Sub Pop in North America, Hostess in Japan and Spunk Records in Australia.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. Heard About You Last night
2. Simon Ferocious
3. Remurdered
4. Hexon Bogon
5. Repelish
6. Master Card
7. Deesh
8. Blues Hour
9. No Medicine For Regret
10. The Lord Is Out Of Control


29 October 13

If you happened to be listening to Lauren Laverne’s 6music show earlier today you may have heard her exclusive play of a track off Mogwai’s brand new album. The track is called Remurdered and if you want access to a free mp3 download of the track then you should be able to get hold of it via the widget over at here

Hope you’re into it.

Errors - Hostess Weekender, February 2014

24 October 13

Errors have announced their first show of 2014. They’ll be playing the Hostess Club Weekender in February at Studio Coast in Tokyo, Japan.

Tickets & info:

Mogwai - The Review Show on BBC4

20 May 13

Mogwai will be performing a few songs on BBC4’s ‘The Review Show’ this evening (Sunday 19th May) airing at 8pm. For more info on the show check here

Sampler Vol. 3

23 April 13

In addition to the official Record Store Day ’13 7” Rock Action Records also released a sampler featuring tracks spanning the past 5 years of the label’s output. Including tracks by Mogwai, Errors, Part Chimp, Remember Remember, Umberto amongst others. The compilation also includes contributions from artists new to the label including Sacred Paws, an exciting duo based in Glasgow & London and one of Glasgow’s most creative and influential groups; The Yummy Fur.

The CD is available with any purchase via participating independent record shops (subject to availability).

Rock Action is pleased to announce that they will be working with Sacred Paws on a new 7” release and with The Yummy Fur on a Best Of… compilation both expected for release in 2013 and hope that this sampler serves as a worthwhile introduction to the artists involved in the most recent chapter of the label’s 17 year history.

The tracklist for the compilation is as follows:
1 – Remember Remember – One Happier (taken from the album ‘The Quickening’)
2 – Part Chimp – Trad (taken from the album ‘Thriller’)
3 – Afrirampo – Miracle Lucky Girls (taken from the ‘We Are Uchu No Ko’)
4 – The Yummy Fur – The Canadian Flag (taken from the forthcoming Best Of due for release on Rock Action in 2013) 5 – Sacred Paws – Falling Over (original version appears on the Some Songs Side By Side Compilation)
6 – Errors – Pleasure Palaces (taken from the album ‘Have Some Faith In Magic’)
7 – Blanck Mass – Sundowner (taken from the album ‘Blanck Mass’)
8 – Umberto – The Investigation (taken from the album ‘Night Has A Thousand Screams’)
9 – Mogwai – Drunk & Crazy (taken from the ‘Earth Division EP’)
10 – Remember Remember – Lips (taken from the ‘RR Scorpii EP’)
11 – Errors – Relics (taken from the album ‘New Relics’)
12 – Mogwai – Special N (taken from the album ‘Les Revenants Soundtrack’)
13 – Envy – 0 & 1 (taken from the album ‘Recitation’)

Record Store Day 7"

23 April 13

A massive thanks to all the staff working in Record Store Day shops on Saturday and thanks also to those of you who queued to buy records and support your local stores.

It was pretty disappointing to see a handful of copies of the Mogwai / Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat 7” ending up on ebay but hopefully the majority of them went to people who wanted them. In case you missed out but still want to hear the tracks we’re streaming them via our soundcloud which you should be able to find here

Hope you all had a great day and remember that these stores stock great records every day, not just one Saturday in April so please keep supporting them.

RSD UK Split 7"

23 March 13

We’re pleased to announce that we will be releasing an exclusive ltd 7” for Record Store Day in the UK this year. Limited to 500 copies it’s a coloured 7” featuring a L.Pierre remix of Mogwai’s ‘Special N’ and a Mogwai remix of Bill Wells/Aidan Moffat’s ‘The Copper Top’. As it’s a Record Store Day release this is an exclusive 7”, it won’t be repressed so once it’s sold out, that’s it.

We’ll also have a wee Rock Action sampler CD that we’ll be giving away for freeeee as well (subject to availability etc).

Mogwai - Les Revenants OUT NOW

26 February 13

Mogwai’s soundtrack album for Les Revenants, the Canal+ series they provided the score to is officially out today in UK/EU (Monday 25th Feb) via our Rock Action Records label. It’s available on CD, heavy pressed LP and Digital Download from all good record shops and you can get hold of it across all the usual digital download platforms.

You can buy directly from the band here

or some alternative stockists include:

Rough Trade: here
Boomkat: LP – here / CD – here / Digital (mp3 & FLAC) – here
Piccadilly Records: LP/CD – here
iTunes: here
Bleep: LP/CD – here
Amazon: CD – here / LP – here / Digital – here
Resident: LP/CD – here
Rise Music: LP/CD – here
Banquet Records: LP/CD – here

Also, if you’re in Glasgow, Monorail Music had a limited amount of signed copies over the weekend, they may still have one if you’re lucky.