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A lot of mail we get asks us what we look for in a band to put out, as if there’s some sort of criteria or whatever. What boxes should people be ticking if they’re sending in material, etc. Being honest it’s impossible to list specifics, we don’t have a list of criteria pinned up on the wall of the office, generally the records that appear on the label are from bands we’ve stumbled across and grown to love, or bands who we’ve seen live and ended up with big stupid grins on our face while watching them rather than through a masterclass of A&R judgement. We aim to put out the sort of records we love and hope other people will share our enthusiam for.

We are happy to receive demos, we enjoy hearing new music after all but due to Mogwai’s current and ongoing recording and live schedule, and also our obvious commitments to artists already on the Rock Action roster we cannot guarantee individual (or timely) responses or feedback. If you send something in and we don’t get back to you please don’t be offended but at times there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

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rockaction videos on MTV2

MTV2’s 120 mins is one of our favourite shows, it’s also been known to play videos by some rock action bands from time to time.

If you’re of the inclination you can request plays by contributing to one of the threads here;
MTV2 messageboards