Remember Remember

Hometown: Glasgow
Formed: 2006
Members: Graeme Ronald, James Swinburne, Joseph Quimby, Tommy Stuart, Joanne Murtagh, Andy Brown and Steven Kane

Remember Remember is the musical brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Graeme Ronald. Initially begun as a purely solo endeavour, which featured Graeme utilising both traditional and abstract instrumentation (wind-up gizmos, toy sharks and the like) all fed through a huge bank of effects and loop pedals.

His individual, unique sound and eager sense of invention caught the interest of Mogwai, who signed Graeme to their Rock Action label (and for a short time invited Graeme into their touring line-up). Recorded at Glasgow Green Door Studio (also used by Sons & Daughters, Alasdair Roberts, The 1990s etc), the first self-titled Remember Remember album was released in November 2008 and captured Graeme in full creative flow, enlisting collaborators James Swinburne and Joan Sweeney and guests like Errors’ James Hamilton to musically flesh out his compositions. Tracks like “The Swimming” and “Genie (For Amaya)” are delicate, shimmering whispers, ebbing and flowing with a gossamer repetition, whilst the second half of the album, encompassing the songs “How Did You End Up Like This?”, “Imagining Things (I)” and ”...(II)” and “Up In A Blue Light”, form a full movement that exhibits Graeme’s ability to craft epic, expansive music on an almost symphonic scale.

More collaborators were slowly added throughout the following year and by the end of 2009 Remember Remember had evolved into the 7-piece band it is today. The first fruits of this new, expanded line-up (Graeme, James Swinburne, Joseph Quimby, Tommy Stuart, Joanne Murtagh, Andy Brown and Steven Kane) were to be heard on 2010’s 12” ep “RR Scorpii”, recorded once again at Green Door. A new-found rhythmic and melodic confidence is brought to bear on anthemic opener “Lips”, whilst “Ghost Frequency” finds the band taking cues from kosmische music and even the more operatic, ostentatious elements of prog rock.

With this fresh wind of invention billowing their sails, Remember Remember have created “The Quickening”, their most defining work to date. Painstakingly recorded and refined over the first few months of 2011 at Chem19 studios in Hamilton (Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, Arab Strap, Teenage Fanclub etc) and Green Door in Glasgow, “The Quickening” consolidates the far-reaching experimentation of previous recordings whilst still pushing the band’s sound into new territories. Tracks like “Scottish Widows” and “One Happier” (featuring guest RM Hubbert on acoustic guitar) take the symphonic elements of their debut and turn them into breathtaking, wide-screen anthems, whilst the druid-space-folk of “Ocean Potion” and arabic-tinged melodies of “Unclean Powers” and “Hey Zeus” build on their foundations in repetition and set off into new, unexplored musical possibilities.

It’s been a natural, organic evolution that has got Remember Remember to where they are now and it’s not gone unnoticed; they’ve been rewarded with glowing reviews and invitations to share the stage with bands and artists like Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian and Yann Tiersen. Where the band and Graeme’s muse goes from here is beyond speculation, all that can be guaranteed is that it will always push the envelope stylistically, melodically and emotionally.

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