Hometown: Tokyo
Formed: 1992
Members: Tetsuya Fukagawa – Vocals, Sequencer, Nobukata Kawai – Guitar, Masahiro Tobita – Guitar, Manabu Nakagawa – Bass, Dairoku Seki – Drums

Since 1992, envy have been melting minds and amps for nearly 15 years and have come to dominate the independent hard-core scene in Japan. Their music, through their own evolution, encompasses a sound where intensity and beauty coexists. In short, a band that truly has their own sound. Mogwai’s Rock Action label are pleased to announce the release of the band’s brand new album, ‘Insomniac Doze’ on 24th July.

envy have recorded a number of singles and albums in Japan as well released split albums with bands like This Machine Kills, Endeavor, Six Pence and Yaphet Kotto. Since their beginning, Envy has toured all throughout their native Japan, including playing with Mogwai and ISIS on their most recent Japan tour. In 1997 and twice in 2000, they toured in Asia playing to an audience in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea. In 1998 and 2004, envy toured Europe and in 2004 the UK as well as played at the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival in March.

With the help of Rock Action Records and Mogwai, envy has been received well in countries all over the world. In 2005 envy played at the Fury Fest in July in France and toured in North America in January.

envy are one of the leading independent Japanese bands and widely considered to be one of the best live bands around.

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Selected Press

Insomniac Doze

“Impressive in a way more cerebral post-rock has long ceased to be” 4/5 uncut

“There really is no way to overstate the quality of this band” 9/10 terrorizer

“Outstanding” 4 K’s Kerrang!

“Get it now!” 9/10 Rock Sound

Previous press

“This will move, shake and pin you down against your will for over an hour. Painful listening but magnificent all the same” Kerrang. KKKK

“their juxtaposition of delicate introspective melodies alongside crushing walls of guitar is simply astonishing”
Rock Sound. 9/10

“When Envy are gentle they make some of the most beautiful music in the world. And when they’re pissed off…Recommended, naturally” NME, 7/10

“Envy, like US contemporaries Isis and Converge, put method in their maelstrom with explosive results” Uncut

Rock Action Discography

rockactcd14cd – A Dead Sinking Story (2003)

1. chain wandering deeply
2. distress of ignorance
3. evidence
4. colour of fetters
5. unrepairable gentleness
6. go mad and mark
7. a conviction that speeds
8. reasons and oblivion
9. a will remains in ashes

rockactcd18cd – All The Footprints (2004)

1. zero
2. farewell to words
3. lies, and release from silence
4. left hand
5. a cradle of arguments and anxiousness
6. mystery and peace
7. invisible thread
8. the spiral manipulation
9. a cage it falls into
10. the light of my footprints
11. your shoes and the world to come

rockactcd28cd – Insomniac Doze (2006)

1. Further ahead of warp
2. Shield of selflessness
3. Scene
4. Crystallize
5. The unknown glow
6. Night in winter
7. A warm room