James Orr Complex

photo: Stuart Reidman

Hometown: Glasgow
Formed: 1996
Members: Christopher Mack

Consisting of fingerstyle acoustic guitar and voice, James Orr Complex is the work of Glaswegian Christopher Mack and the result is a pioneering approach to the exploration of tunings and a general freedom of spirit.

To date J>O>C has shared the stage with Alasdair Roberts, David Pajo, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Cat Power, Mice Parade, Shellac, and Mogwai among others.

For the moment, he’s based in Sao Paulo, where he recently finished recording a follow up to “Chori’s Bundle”, due for release later in 2008.

“Original and resounding in ideas, this LP will sooth and inspire in equal amounts and have you playing it over and over again.”
Vic Galloway, AIR & Session In Scotland

“Chori’s Bundle is a lovely experience, woven carefully with a guitar, some fragility, and a little bit of magic. It has highs, it has lows, and it will hopefully have your attention soon.”



Rock Action Discography

rockactcdcd8 – Figa EP (2001)

1. a million men
2. good prophecy
3. eagle
4. slip into slumber
5. o conde

rockactcd15cd – Chori’s Bundle (2003)

1. happy adversary
2. the good, the bad & the indifferent
3. ambassador
4. mista jocula
5. superimposition
6. antibodies
7. conversation
8. mouthpiece
9. fade grey to fade blue
10. o conde
11. free harmony
12. same city
13. the fox, the falcon & i