Hometown: Edinburgh

Pilotcan were and are fronted by early Mogwai benefactor Kieron Mellotte. When we were starting out he hooked us up with shows with bands like Low, Brainiac and tHE make uP.

At the time we released Tuner (Rockact01) we were the only folks with a distribution deal to get records into the shops and it was because of this that we agreed to put out Kieron’s bands first single.

In actuality they paid for the recording and manufacture and thus really did it themselves.

For the record they sound like old Flaming Lips or Grifters. They have released 2 albums on Kierons own EVOL record label (which also released the tremendous first Zephyrs album) and have their 3rd album almost finished.

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Current Label

Evol Nation

Rock Action Discography

rockact2 – Rusty Barker Learns To Fly (1996)

1. rusty barker learns to fly
2. falls fire

rockact4 – Five Minutes On A Tuesday Night (1996)

1. five minutes on a tuesday night
2. solid state (more songs about me)