Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Members: Rjyan Kidwell

OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN is the second full-length album by nineteen year-old Rjyan Kidwell, better known to his many devoted followers as CEX (pronounced “sex”). Since his first tour with Kid606 in the summer of 1999 and the release of last years stunning ROLE MODEL full-length debut, CEX has been stirring up electronic music culture with his rhythmic, catchy music and his irreverent, outspoken personality.

Eschewing the enigmatic and pretentious posture of most electronic music producers, CEX opts for revelling in the imperfections of his humanity, creating songs that draw from a variety of musical influences and translating them into personal portraits.

Constantly touring across the US and even Japan to maintain his claim as “the #1 Entertainer in the World,” CEX’s high-energy, in-your-face on-stage antics include extended freestyles, screaming, loss of clothes (sometimes blood), and lots of sweat. SPIN magazine recently did a feature on the “laptop rock” scene that spotlighted the Tigerbeat6 label family, Urb magazine named him one of the “Next 100” artists to blow up for 2001 whilst gracing him with a three page fashion shoot and in their review of ROLE MODEL wrote that, “it could be Boards of Canada without a ritalin description”, (high praise by our standards!) The Wire wrote that in CEX “lies a genuine pop sensibility that knows how to build a delicately soulful hook out of a few sparse fragments” and that “its the self confidence and serenity at the heart of his quieter moments that captivate” and Alternative Press’s review of ROLE MODEL cited young Rjyan as a “true role model-indeed.”

Combining his love of meaty beats a-la DJ PREMIER and TIMBALAND, the sonic experimentation of mentors KID606, MATMOS, and LESSER, the heartfelt electronica of early APHEX TWIN and BOARDS OF CANADA along with the DIY hip-hop of ANTICON and the pop aesthetic of lo-fi pioneers like SEBADOH and CALVIN JOHNSON, CEX has a sound that manages to be unique, relevant, and accessible whilst creating a deep and moving album that provides some of the most raw and visceral electronic music today. The catchy melodies and fierce percussion programming of ROLE MODEL have matured and expanded – on OOPS, CEX plays acoustic guitar, acts out skits, sings acapella, and lays down some of the nicest booty-beats of his career. Overall, OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN! shows us that despite all the talking that’s been done about Rjyan Kidwell, we’ve barely managed to scratch the surface of the laptop scene’s spastic visionary!!!

Current Label(s)

Temporary Residence Limited

Rock Action Discography

rockactcd11 – Oops! I Did It Again (2002)

1. (you’re) off the food chain
2. eleven million dollars worth of bearer bonds
3. destination:sexy
4. first for wounds
5. i said it knowing full well i had no intention of doing it
6. texas menstruates
7. it’s all about guilt
8. flex on cex,eh
9. i don’t think you do sin, julia
10. florida [is shaped like a big droopy dick for a reason]
11. od’d on first base
12. keep pretending
13. not trying
14. after #4 matrix sndtrk. rob d ‘clubbed to death’
15. what’s outside your window? more windows
16. furcoat
17. call me when you need some