Papa M

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Members: David Pajo

OK. This is the story 100% official and 100% true….

Papa M is a band from Louisville Kentucky. They have had several different monikers in their career (M is the Thirteenth Letter, Aerial M, etc) but the thread that connects the various incarnations of the band is David Pajo; who writes, performs, and records all the albums.

The first recording of David Pajo appeared on a single from 1981 by a band called PLO Speedwagon. He doesn’t surface again until 1987 with the release of “Tweez” by Slint. Heralded by Steve Albini the band releases an EP and the remarkably influential “Spiderland.”

Following their demise in 1990, David appears again with local heavyweights King Kong and The Palace Brothers (aka Palace, Will Oldham, Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy). He is seen touring with various bands over the next decade; playing guitar with Stereolab, bass with , Royal Trux, drums with King Kong, and congas with Palace.

He appears again in the mid-nineties on the Tortoise albums “Millions Now Living Will Never Die” and “TNT”.

However, a small but steady stream of M singles have been flowing quietly since 1995 until finally evolving into the lean, strapping Papa M that is recognized today.

Papa M Sings sees M in full country effect, hitching his wagon to the Mogwai imprint Rock Action.

You can find a full, more detailed BIOG at the Papa M website.

We didn’t want to rip it off.

Current label

Drag City Records

Rock Action Discography

rockact7cd – Papa M Sings (2001)

1. jaded lover
2. pissing in the wind
3. i of mine
4. who i am
5. true love
6. london homesick blues