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Rock Action Records released the new full-length CD from Chris Brokaw, ‘Incredible Love’ in February 2006. In stark contrast to Chris’ prior albums, ‘Incredible Love’ is a full electric-with-vocals affair, comprising 9 new Brokaw originals, the co-authored (with Tom Morgan) “My Idea” and a cover of Suicide’s “I Remember”. Guests include David Curry (Empty House Collective), Noah Chasin, Kevin Coultas (Rodan), Jeff Goddard (Karate), Matt Kadane (The New Year, Silkworm, Consonant) and Jonah Sacks.

Recorded and mixed by Paul Kolderie, Incredible Love is the most powerful, fully-realized work in Brokaw’s illustrious career – as rocking, taut and packed with intrigue as anything he’s recorded up to this point. His deft touch as a guitarist in a wide variety of settings (solo works, Come, Consonant, Pullman, Steve Wynn Band, Evan Dando) is well documented, but on ‘Incredible Love’, with it’s Mammoth guitar textures, powerful drumming, and intricate playing that recalls Pinetop Seven, Giant Sand, Calexico, and late-period Savage Republic, Brokaw stakes his claim as one of the US’ premier singer-songwriters.

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rockact24cd – Incredible Love (2006)

1. blues for the moon
2. move
3. the information age
4. i remember
5. x’s for eyes
6. whose blood
7. on a great lake
8. cranberries
9. gringa
10. 100 faces
11. my idea